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Outside Air: Is Your Facility Prepared to Face the Freeze?

Outside Air: Is Your Facility Prepared to Face the Freeze?

Ventilation and increased use of outside air is ASHRAE’s top COVID-19 strategy for improving indoor air quality in commercial buildings.

Learn more about outside air and how you can save yourself from headaches this winter — we know 2020 has been rough enough already!

Here’s what we will cover:

// Ventilation for Health & Safety

// Potential Issues with Increasing OA%

// How to Avoid These Issues

// Smart Coil Technology for Remote Monitoring

// A GRAND FINALE! Stick with us to the end!

Whether you’re using a dedicated outdoor air unit (DOAS), increasing the intake of fresh outdoor air in your air handling unit, or using 100% outside air in your rooftop unit (RTU) — you’re going to want to watch this webinar!

Presented By: David Broman

Presented By: David Broman

Director at Engineered Solutions

David Broman is the director of sales and operations of Cooney Technologies. Before joining Cooney Technologies, David held several positions in the filtration industry over the past 23 years.



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